Kayak, Surf et SUP in Montréal2019-03-15T03:52:53+00:00

We are passionate professionals in adventure tourism and lovers of water, nature, and traveling. We are pioneers of the Saint Lawrence River.

Our mission? Make the Saint Lawrence River a must destination, make you live unforgettable experiences,
and never stop dreaming.


Discover Montreal on a paddleboard (SUP) by day, at sunset and even at night. Let yourself be rocked by the water as our qualified instructors guide you on the St. Lawrence river.


Montreal is known for its surf waves right in the heart of the city. Embrace this sport, surfing the two river waves in an educational setting.


Whether you are looking to have a leisurely paddle or wish to discover the adrenaline rush from whitewater kayaking, choose from one of our several packages and get to see Montreal from a different angle.