About François Boudrias

Chez KSF depuis 2017, dans l'eau depuis plus longtemps. Fin connaisseur de crème solaire, la découverte d'endroits inattendus est ce qui me passionne et tous mes loisirs gravitent autour de cette quête de découvertes. Des fois, ça me met dans le trouble, mais la plupart du temps, je réussis à vivre l'extraordinaire.

How to take good care of your wetsuit

A wetsuit is a vital piece of equipment for any water sport in North America and further. It's expensive, complicated to shop for (although we have a guide for that) and taking care of it can become an art. Or a healthy obsession. Here are our best tips to follow if you want to use it [...]

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Wear the best wetsuit for yourself

If you like being in water and you aren't living in a tropical country 365 days a year... You'll have to consider getting a wetsuit at some point. Having a good wetsuit means being able to go out and practice surfing, Stand-Up Paddleboarding or kayaking, whenever we'd like. However, in this world of all black suits [...]

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Choosing your first board for Guy’s wave in Montreal

You just followed your first surfing lesson, stood up on Guy's Wave (or at least you tried hard) and now you're addicted to river surfing. You want to surf every day, dream about it every night. It's time for you to buy your first surfboard and you're at the right place to find what's best for [...]

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Using a river wave to prepare for the Ocean

Surfing in Quebec comes with the certainty that we'll one day escape the city and surf in the Ocean. We'll plan, travel and meet people who don't understand how a Canadian started surfing. A lot of times during my travels, I had to describe how river surfing prepared me for the Ocean. When people see that [...]

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