Certification: Following this training, you will obtain your Paddle Canada practitioner certificate: SUP River 1 Training

This beginner’s course is designed for those who want to specialize in SUP, opting for recognized training while broadening their knowledge and skills through river SUP techniques (level 1). You’ll learn all about river safety: how to fall safely into the water, how to get back on the board, leash use, river signals and obstacles, and rope bag rescue. You’ll learn all about paddling: different ways of paddling a river, foot position, exiting and re-entering currents, the front ferry and surfing. We’ll also cover clothing, safety equipment and river reading, all on the St. Lawrence River.

*Certification may be conditional on successful completion of the training course.

Beginner level

14 + ages

KSF LaSalle - Large Whitewater Basin

Certification included in SUP Camp Level 2:
https://reservotron.com/ksf/activities/3179 or on request.

3 hours

Group of 6 / 1 instructor

Be confident in the water and know how to swim.



280 for SUP Development Camp Level 2. ***Since the board and paddle are not included in this course, it is possible to rent an inflatable SUP (Taiga Board River model) for the special price of $50+tx for both days. The board is included in the context of the camp.


Teaching aids

Board and paddle

Life Jacket

Helmet if necessary

Not included Wetsuit and neoprene booties. Available without reservation for rental or sale. If you have any questions, please consult our FAQ.


Hugo Lavictoire

Senior Trainer Paddle Canada

Hugo is a leader in the world of SUP and whitewater in Quebec. He has been teaching in the nautical field since 1990. He has been an instructor trainer for Paddle Canada since 2011 at KSF, a school widely recognized as a pioneer of SUP in Quebec. KSF has received several awards and is accredited by Aventure Écotourisme Québec for safety and ecotourism. Involved with Paddle Canada, he is also an Instructor Trainer (IT) in Basic, Advanced, River 1 and River 2 calm water, and helps organize Paddle Canada’s Roll Outs in Quebec.

Pierre-Philippe Loiselle

Paddle Canada instructor and trainer

Pierre-Philippe has been a SUP instructor at KSF since 2012. Physical education teacher, experienced surfer and paddler in calm water, white water and the sea; he takes part in several races. Since 2017, he has been teaching Paddle Canada instructor training in collaboration with Hugo Lavictoire. Now certified as an advanced calm water trainer since 2018 and still a whitewater instructor by Paddle Canada, he continues to pass on his passion and knowledge to paddle surfing enthusiasts in Quebec.

Louis-Philippe Beaudoin

Paddle Canada instructor and trainer

Louis-Philippe has been a SUP instructor at KSF since 2017. A physical education teacher and surfer, paddleboarding quickly became his new passion. Louis-Philippe then decided to become a SUP instructor; an assistant trainer since 2020, he was officially accredited in 2022. Trained by Hugo Lavictoire and Pierre-Philippe Loiselle, he has since trained several cohorts. A strong paddler, he is already moving towards river training.

Laurence Coulombe

Paddle Canada instructor and trainer

Laurence has been a SUP instructor at KSF since 2018. A physical education teacher with a passion for the outdoors and animation, she has a highly personalized approach to teaching. Laurence, who is developing her paddleboarding skills from season to season, has decided to take on the role of assistant trainer in order to add her color to the KSF Pagaie Canada program. We’re delighted to have her on our training team.