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Can I try the different stand up paddle boards before purchasing one?2018-08-26T21:13:22+00:00

Yes, but there’s a 20$ fee per person per board to test them out. This fee is refundable if you buy a board the same day!

Do you offer a board repair services?2018-08-26T21:13:03+00:00

Yes. Come and see us in LaSalle for questions/more information about our board repair services.

Do you sell second hand equipment?2018-08-26T21:12:48+00:00

Yes. The end of season sale takes place on the first week-end of October.

Do you have life jackets for kids?2018-08-26T21:12:31+00:00

Yes. We do have several kids lifejackets in all our locations

Can I take my dog onboard with me?2018-08-26T21:11:33+00:00

Unfortunately, we do not have any floating device for your furry friend, and our boards do not like to be scratched by claws. 😉

Is there a minimum age for equipment rental at KSF?2018-08-26T21:11:10+00:00
  • 10 & under, rentals: our team will be able to assess on site if a kid can have his own board on the water. Otherwise, he/she can share with a parent.
  • 15 & under, rentals:  must be accompanied by a parent/adult.
Do we need to be an experimented paddler/surfer for a kayak or surf rental?2018-08-26T21:10:56+00:00

Yes. For your own safety, you must have sufficient knowledge and experience of moving water before renting a kayak or a surf at KSF.

Do we need to be an experimented paddler for a SUP rental?2018-08-26T21:10:37+00:00

No. Our team will make sure to provide you with all the security recommendations and the paddling basics before you go on the water. 

Can we reserve our rented equipment ahead of time?2018-08-26T21:10:25+00:00

No. We operate on a first come first serve basis for all our rented equipment.

Can we buy gift certificates for the different classes?2018-08-26T21:09:45+00:00

Yes! Please get in touch with us at 514-595-SURF.

Is it possible that I’ll be drifting away from the group during a SUP yoga/SUP Fitness class?2018-08-26T21:09:18+00:00

No.  Most of the time, we anchor our boards for the SUP yoga and some of the SUP Fitness practice. 

I don’t know how to swim. Can I still do a surfing lesson?2018-08-26T21:08:48+00:00

No. For your own safety, we ask our participants to be good swimmers before taking them into moving water.

Is it mandatory to wear a life jacket?2018-08-26T21:08:15+00:00

Yes, lifejackets are mandatory for all classes and rentals.

I am pregnant. Can I still take part in all water activities at KSF?2018-08-26T21:07:46+00:00

If you are in the first trimester, we advise that you don’t take part in our water activities. Once in the second trimester, give us a call and we can look into the different options.

Why do we need to arrive 30 minutes ahead of time?2018-08-26T21:07:12+00:00

You will need this precious 30 minutes to find parking, get changed, fill up the paperwork, choose your gear, and more.  We ask everyone to be on time.

Can I bring my own board/kayak for a class?2018-08-26T21:06:40+00:00

Yes, you can, but there is no special price that can be applied if you bring your own equipment. We have everything you need on site.

Do we need experience on a paddleboard to do a SUP Fitness/SUP yoga class?2018-08-26T21:06:05+00:00

Yes. We do ask that you take a SUP initiation class before signing in for our 75 minutes SUP yoga/SUP Fitness classes. Those regular classes do not include paddling instructions, so we need everyone to be comfortable on a board.

What happens if it rains?2018-08-26T21:05:36+00:00

Our activities will take place even if it rains. If we need to cancel due to low water quality or storms, the option will be given to postpone the class or to get a refund. We do a regular check on the radars and the weather forecast, but it may happen that we will have to cancel at the very last moment. If you simply decide not to show up, the class will be lost even if the class ends up being cancelled. If you’re in doubt, please get in touch with us: 514-595-SURF.

What should I wear?2018-08-26T21:05:09+00:00

Swimming suit is a must for all the activities! For a SUP yoga or a SUP Fitness class, also plan for a board short or legging, and a quick dry T-Shirt or top (no cotton or jeans). For surfing or river kayaking, you may need a wetsuit, which you can rent on site if needed. Most of our activities are practiced barefoot except for surfing. If you need your glasses on the water, bring your contact lenses or an eyewear cord with you.

How many people is needed for a class to be confirmed?2018-08-26T21:04:38+00:00

For most of our activities, we need a minimum of 3 participants. We can organize private or semi-private classes, but the pricing will not be the same.

I subscribed to an activity but I will not be able to make it. How can I cancel?2018-08-26T21:04:07+00:00

For all the details about cancellations & modifications to your bookings, see our policies.

Can I launch my SUP/kayak from your dock?2018-08-26T21:03:38+00:00
  • LaSalle: yes, you can.
  • Verdun: yes, you can.
  • Cap-St-Jacques: no, but you can go to nearby l’Anse-à-l’Orme.
  • Parc Jean-Drapeau: no, the park does not allow for personal boats on the lake.
Are there restaurants near by?2018-08-26T21:03:13+00:00
  • LaSalle: yes there are (Crème & Café on LaSalle Boulevard).
  • Verdun: yes there are (on Wellington street).
  • Parc-Jean-Drapeau: no, there is nothing within walking distance. Make sure you bring your lunch! 
  • Cap-St-Jacques: no, there is nothing within walking distance. Make sure you bring your lunch!
Do you have lockers available on site?2018-08-26T21:02:42+00:00
  • LaSalle: yes, we do.
  • Verdun: no we don’t, but we can secure your personal belongings at the reception centre.
  • Parc-Jean-Drapeau: yes, we do, but please note they are rather small!
  • Cap-St-Jacques: no we don’t, but we can secure your personal belongings at the reception centre.
Can I expect access/parking fees in your different locations?2018-08-26T21:01:08+00:00
  • LaSalle: no access fees. On street free parking. 
  • Verdun: no access fees. On street free parking. 
  • Parc-Jean-Drapeau: no access fees. Parking between $ 7 and $ 13 depending on needed amount of time. No access to the city beach unless you purchase a ticket.
  • Cap-St-Jacques: no access fee if you are signed in for a class with KSF, but $ 5 per adult if you are not ($ 3,50 after 5 pm).  Parking is $ 9 for the day.