We can offer you the opportunity to give a unique experience to your class students, your leisure activity group, or your high school, college or university team members who are part of a sport study program. A memorable day during which you have the choice between 1 to 3 activities: kayak, river surfing, and Stand up Paddleboard (SUP). Participants must be 12 years old minimum and we can accept groups of up to 40 persons. Some groups can also chose to do an activity over several days to maximize the progression. All come back smiling, with new skills, but most importantly, with their head filled with memories.


Our surfing courses are really popular and ideal for small school groups such as sport study or leisure activity groups.

River surfing gives a lot of adrenaline and forces us to concentrate on many elements at the same time while being in white water. Although requiring some skills, the progression is fast for those who wish to continue after the initiation activity since each participant will gain the necessary notions to clearly understand the basics of river surfing.

Location: Saint Lawrence River, LaSalle

Maximum number of participants: 10/group

*Available as a 3 hours package

Prerequisites: Know how to swim and confident in white water.

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“For some years now, we offer our students physical education classes in white water. Over the course of a weekend, they discover the joy of adventure water sports (surfing, kayaking, and SUP).

They leave from this experience with a smiling face, memorable memories, and a good adrenaline rush. This would not have been possible without the KSF team.”

Adrien Bouget, Physical Education Teacher


Kayaking is an activity which requires to trust the elements but also our partners. It integrates absolutely well within a school groups framework.

During this initiation activity, all the elements will be covered, from the history to the components and techniques. Individual practice, in teams, and group games, our courses’ progression was developed so that each participant leaves with an unforgettable experience but also with the notions that will allow them to continue to progress.

Location: Saint Lawrence River in Verdun or in LaSalle

*Available as a 2 or 3 hours package

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“We are pleased to do business with KSF for their employees’ professionalism, the quality of their teaching, the safe environment, and the ease of access. The students got value for their money! What is impressive is that as well as learning the basics of kayaking, SUP, and surfing, the students end the courses with an extraordinary experience. Fun is always involved. Students can push their personal limits by going in the Lachine Rapids, and that, in complete safety. Lastly, it is for all these reasons that I recommend KSF for school groups.”
Jasmine Goerlach Laparé, Sport and physical education teacher, DéfiSports and soccer program, Sainte-Anne College.


Stand up Paddleboard (SUP) is a favourite for all the groups that have tried it and it is without a doubt the most accessible activity for all the young participants but also just as exciting for the older ones. Standing on a big board, you move forward using a paddle

while learning the rudiments of this sport with balance games as well as learning how to move in a current with ease. Laughs guaranteed!

Location: LaSalle, and short excursion in the area as an option

*Available as a 2 or 3 hours package

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“Teenagers of the Club Aventures Ados of Beloeil city had the chance of trying SUP at KSF. An activity that has conquered the teens, with dynamic instructors, and a diversified activity in addition to the safe framework. A choice of outing that I recommend to all those who want to make their young ones discover a different sport.

Thank you again for the experience!”

Jolyanne Morier, Supervisor of the recreation, culture, and community life service, Beloeil city